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Detroit Caulking can manage all phases of waterproofing your property.  Starting with the foundation,  from interior and exterior beads of sealant, to caulking windows and doors.  Parking lots and sidewalks are our specialty.  We have experience in replacing control joints in block, brick and metal panels.  We can do it all to help preserve the structural integrity of your building and property.  Many commercial properties now caulk all joints in concrete flatwork.  It has been proven that it is much more cost efficient to maintain the current state of your parking lots and sidewalks than it is to replace with new concrete.  Sealing the joints in your flatwork could help prolong its useable life by many years. 

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Working on both new and existing structures, we use the techniques and proper materials that stop water penetration. Caulking could be one of the most important materials in your building. It seals joints to prevent water infiltration and stops the flow of air in and out of your building. Many companies never notice the terrible condition that their weatherproof sealants are in. Unfortunately, this can lead to years of higher heating and cooling bills and damage to the interior of the building.  Maintaining these openings can quickly save you the money spent on resealing your building, by way of cheaper energy bills and avoiding costly water damage repairs.  There are many benefits to having a professional inspect your building for maintenance issues.

Detroit Caulking based in Allen Park, Michigan only uses the highest quality, professional grade materials.  This ensures that your building will stay protected for many years to come.

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