100% Guaranteed Construction Caulking Work You Can Always Trust in Michigan.



100% Guaranteed Construction Caulking Work You Can Always Trust in Michigan

Detroit Caulking is a professional and quality service orientated firm that constantly strives to earn and retain our customers’ business.  Strong relationships with management companies and building owners have been built because of our professional level of operation and constant monitoring of all work being performed.

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“Dan and Ben just finished caulking the perimeter of my home and they did an amazing job, I am 100% satisfied and would highly recommend them”

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Our Capabilities

Safety is paramount on all jobsites that we work on.  We work our hardest to ensure our customers and employees that there will be no unnecessary risks taken to perform work.  We have received OSHA training and know when something is not right.  Our goal is to provide a quality job with no damage to building or personnel.

On the exterior of the building, we are capable of handling all of your needs.  All flatwork joints can be done in a timely manner and we don’t mind breaking up the work so that other construction processes are not interfered with.  Control joints will be handled in a safe manner, as well as any windows or skylights above normal working height. Doorways and windows will have neat and clean beads.  These joints will be made smooth and consistent to reflect the quality of the building. 

On the interior, we can finish your kitchens, bathrooms, doors, and windows with attractive beads of caulk.  We will discuss with the project manager so that the proper materials are used in the correct areas.  This ensures many maintenance-free years at the start of a new building. 

Another Successful Construction Project


Detroit Caulking based in Allen Park, Michigan holds a very high standard and will keep striving to provide an exceptional service at a competitive price.  We take tremendous pride in our workmanship and give our customers the assurance that the projects will be done correctly and efficiently. 

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