100% Guaranteed Residential Caulking Work You Can Always Trust in Michigan.


100% Guaranteed Residential Caulking Work You Can Always Trust in Michigan
Residential Caulking Work

Whether your home is in need of preventative or emergency repair, Detroit Caulking can handle the job.  Our employees are skilled and trained to perform at a professional level.  We have worked with many contractors in caulking residential concrete flatwork.  To preserve your new driveway, patio or pool, it is vital to seal as many areas from water penetration as you can.  Water can seep into the sub-base of your concrete through saw cuts and expansion joints.  That water can and will cause erosion of your sub-base.  Caulking all concrete joints will prevent (or at least greatly reduce) this erosion.  It will also prevent the need for future mud jacking or leveling of concrete slabs do to sub-base wash out.


“Dan and Ben just finished caulking the perimeter of my home and they did an amazing job, I am 100% satisfied and would highly recommend them”

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We Always Guarantee Our Residential Caulking Contractor Work
Our Capabilities

All builder grade caulking does fail at some point.  They use an inferior product to just get the home past the warranty. 

Any home that hasn’t been caulked in the last 5yrs should have an inspection of all window, door, and skylight caulking.  This will stop the drafty feel of your home's openings and prevent any further water damage from occurring.  We use only commercial grade products for all replacements.  We do this so that you don’t have to worry about checking the seals in your home every other year.  Most of the products we use should stay securely in place for many years to come.

Our estimates always include details on what issues are observed and provide the best solutions to permanently solve the problem.   Most importantly, our estimates and consultations are always free. Detroit Caulking is based in Allen Park, Michigan.

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